Isochilus linearis

Isochilus linearis  (Jacquin) R.Brown 1813                           photo C.Solimbergo
taxonomy   family Orchidaceae
  subfamily Epidendroideae
  tribe Epidendreae
  subtribe Laeliinae
  genera Isochilus R.Brown 1813
origin from
Caribbean,  El Salvador to Guiana, from Venezuela to Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina
  altitude 300 - 3900 m (1000 - 13000 ft)
  habitat warm to cold  
  life form epiphytic, litophytic or geophytic
  brightness partial shade 
inflorescence    length cm, apical
  nr flowers      8 - 12
  size single flower 0,8 L 0,8 cm (0.32" L 0.32") - inflorescence 2,5 L 1,5 cm (1" L 0.6" )
  time to bloom from birth, ~ 10 days

infiorescenza da nascita infiorescenza alla fioritura, circa 8 giorni 


                        time                 to bloom from birth, ~ days

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