Web references

consulted and reference web sites 

for the search data on a plant :

www.monaconatureencyclopedia.com  Plants, Animals, Mushrooms, Other life forms
www.kew.org World checklist of selected plant families  
Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, Londra
www.tropicos.org Missouri Botanic Garden
www.IPNI.org International Plant Name Index
https://www.ftd.com/blog/share/types-of-orchids  Guide to the orchids Genera 
www.ars-grin.gov Taxonomy for Plants, and much more
www.serenaflower.com/en/uk/orchid-flower-guide from Maddie Riggs

web sites of major importance :

www.floralpinabergamasca.net F.A.B. Gruppo Flora Alpina Bergamasco
www.homeadvisor.com/r/backyard-tree-identification-guide/ Guida alla identificazione degli alberi
www.homeadvisor.com/r/backyard-tree-identification-guide/ Tree Identification Guide
www.associazioneitalianaorchidologia.it  Associazione Italiana di Orchidologia
www.giros.it Gruppi Italiano per la Ricerca sulle Orchidee Spontanee



A.T.O.  Associazione Trentino Orchidee
per la conoscenza e il confronto tra chi coltiva orchidee
www.orchids.it  blog italiano ricchissimo di informazioni, curiosità, dati storici
www.orchidspecies.com   Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia
extensive information on more than 16,500 species of 758 genera
the most comprehensive source of information on orchids in the world

www.orchidwire.com 1832 electronic addresses from all over the world for orchids,
well organized, broken down by country, organizations and retailers




from 27,000 locations around the world, statistics of rainfall, temperature
minimum and maximum humidity and other, month by month. Useful to know
conditions "in situ" of orchids 


 www.PhytoImages images.siu.udu over 49,000 photos from 432 families of plants, including orchids - 2294 -
information on the origin.
Go to  "image by Family", then Orchidaceae


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