Liparis loeselii

Lip loe 1        Lip loe 2

Liparis loeselii                
taxonomy described by (Linnaeus)  Richard, Louis Claude Marie
  published in De Orchideis Europaeis Annotationes  38    1817
  family Orchidaceae
  subfamily Cymbioid
  tribe Malaxideae
  genus Liparis  L.C. Richard 1817
  chromosomes  26  (GIROS) 
native of origins only in one location, in a swamp at Monte Marenzo along the Adda River
    Lip loe 3 CFCE grid map
  altitude 200 m (660 ft)
  exposure Lip loe 4
the plant         life form geophyte
  roots   horizontal tuberoid with two pseudobulbs, in the old way
exhaustion and the young for the current year
  nr. leaves 2
  height 8 - 20 cm (3.2" - 8")
  nr. flowers 3 - 12
  blooming june
  index of rarity     99,04
CITES appendix II


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