Neottia nidus-avis

Neo nid 1         Neo nid 2

Neottia nidus-avis                     
taxonomy described by (Linnaeus) Richard, Louis Claude Marie
  published in Mèmoires du Musèum d' Histoire Naturelle  4 : 59    1818
  family Orchidaceae
  subfamily Epidendroideae
  tribe Neottieae
  subtribe Listerinae
  genus Neottia  Guettard 1754
  chromosomes  36  (GIROS) 
native of    origins deciduous woods, woods edges, spruce, pine woods.
this plant is found in several places in the Province of Bergamo 
    Neo nid 3
  altitude 230 - 2200 m  (760 - 7260 ft)
  exposure Neo nid 4
the plant        life form saprophyte 
  roots   teberoids with bundles of roots intertwined, like a bird's nest
  nr. leaves leafless,  stem covered with scales 
  height 20 - 50 cm  (8" - 20")
  nr. flowers 20 - 40, fragrants
  blooming may to july 
  index of rarity      52,38
CITES appendix II


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