Epipactis muelleri

Epi mue 1       Epi mue 2

Epipactis muelleri                  
taxonomy described by Godfery, Masters John
  published in Journal of Botany, British and Foreign  59 : 106    1921
  family Orchidaceae
  subfamily Epidendroideae
  tribe Neottieae
  subtribe Limodorinae
  genus Epipactis  Zinn 1757
  cromosomes 40  (GIROS) 
native of           origins wood edge  and deciduous thermophilous - plant common in Seriana Valley, towards the Sebino Lake
    Epi mue 3  CFCE grid map
  altitude 300 - 1250 m  (990 - 4125 ft)
  exposure Epi mue 4 
the plant life form geophyte
  roots    a short rhizome
  nr. leaves  
  height 20 - 80 cm  (8" - 32")
  nr. flowers 15 - 20
  blooming june to august 
  index of rarity     89,52
CITES appendix II


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