Ophrys apifera

Oph api 1       Oph api 2

Ophrys apifera             
taxonomy        described by Hudsson, William
  published in Flora Anglica  340    1761
  family  Orchidaceae
  subfamily Orchidoideae
  tribe Orchideae
  subtribe Orchidinae
  genus Ophrys  Linnaeus 175
  chromosomes  36  (GIROS) 
native of origins  meadows and woods thermophilic margin, from the first to the middle hills Valleys,
to Albano S. Alessandro, Albino, Almenno S. Salvatore, Bagnatica, Costa Volpino,
Predore, Premolo, San Pellegrino Terme, Scanzorosciate and plain to Brembate Sopra
    Oph api 3
  altitude 250 - 900 m  (825 -2970 ft)
  exposure Oph api 4
the plant life form geophyte
  roots  two tuberoids ovoid or rounded
  nr. leaves 3 - 4 basal
  height 40 - 50 cm  (16" - 20")
  nr. flowers 2 - 10
  blooming april to june   
  index of rarity     87,61
CITES appendix II


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