Coeloglossum viride

Coel vir 1        Coel vir 2

Coeloglossum viride                          
taxonomy described by (Linnaeus) Hartman, Carl Johan
  published in Handbok i Skandinaviens Flora  329    1820
  family Orchidaceae
  subfamily Orchidoideae
  tribe Orchideae
  subtribe Orchidinae
  genus Coeloglossum Hartman 1820
  chromosomes      40  (GIROS) 
native of origins alpine meadows and dry meadows
this spontaneous orchid is present in many places in the province of Bergamo
    Coel vir 3  CFCE grid map
  altitude 950 - 2400 m  (3135 - 7920 ft)
  exposure Coel vir 4
the plant      life form geophyte
  roots    two webbed tuberoids 
  nr. leaves 3 - 5
  height 15 - 30 cm (6" - 12")
  nr. flowers 8 - 25, fragrants
  blooming june to august 
  index of rarity    58,09
CITES appendix II


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