Chamorchis alpina

 Cha alp 1          Cha alp 2

Chamorchis alpina                     
taxonomy described by Richard, Louis Claude Marie
  published in      Enumeratio Plantarum Transsilvaniae  504    1886
  family Orchidaceae  
  subfamily Orchidoideae
  tribe Orchideae
  subtribe Orchidinae
  genus Chamorchis  L.C. Richard 1817
  chromosomes     42  (GIROS) 
native of         origins alpine meadows on calcareous soils,   between Dryas mats,  
 mountains south of Valcanale Valley, Ardesio-Parre 
    Cha alp 3  CFCE grid map
  altitude above 2000 m  (6600 ft)
  exposure Cha alp 4
the plant life form geophyte
  roots    elongated tubers
  nr. leaves 5 - 10, basal
  height 5 - 12 cm (2" - 4.8")
  nr. flowers 6 - 12, spike of 4 - 6 cm
  blooming july and august 
  rarity index    99,04
CITES appendix II


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