Goodyera repens

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Goodyera repens                                                              
taxonomy        described by (Linnaeus)  Brown, Robert  &  Aiton, William  &  Aiton William Townsend
  published in Hortus Kwensis  (2nd ed.)  5 : 198    1813
    or, a Catalogue of the Plants Cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew . London
  family Orchidaceae 
  subfamily Spiranthoideae 
  tribe Cranichideae 
  subtribe Goodyerinae 
  genus Goodyera  R. Brown  1813
native of origins in coniferous woods, pine and spruce woods in Borlezza Valley to Bossico and Songavazzo in Scalve Valley 
to Azzone, Colere, Schilpario and Vilminore - rarer in Val Brembana to Piazza Brembana 

Good rep 3  CFCE grid map

  altitude   850 - 1600 m   (2800 - 5280 ft)          
  exposure Good rep 4
the plant  life form geophyte 
  roots   rhizome branching
  nr. leaves 3 - 5
  height 10 - 25 cm  (4" - 10")
  nr. flowers 8 - 15
  blooming july to august
  index of rarity     94,28
CITES appendix II


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