Macodes petola

Macodes petola

Macodes petola

Macodes petola                                                                                                                                                               photo C. Solimbergo
taxonomy    desribed by     (Blume) Lindley, John
  published in The Genera and Species of Orchidaceous Plants 497   1840
  family             Orchidaceae
  subfamily Cranichideae
  tribe Gooddyerinae
  genus Macodes (Blume) Lindley 1840
  chromosones    2n = 30 - 42 

C3 pathway, stomata of the leaves are open during the day.


(K.Silvera, L.S. Santiago, J.C. Cushman, K. Winter - International Symposium on Plant Biology, August 2013)


soluble mineral nutriens are effective both, foliar or on the roots.

native of origins tropical forests, mangrove swamps in Indonesia (Borneo, Java, Sumatra),
    Malaysia (Terengganu, Hulu Terengganu, Temblat, Gunung Temblat, Crockey Range),
    Japan, Yaeyama Islands (Island of Iriomote-jima, Mt. Komi, Nakama River Falls)
  altitude 497 - 1840 m (1640 - 6070 ft)

climate informations from Mt. Komi (Iromote-jima, Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa, Japan)


Köppen climate classification : Af, humid tropical climate of the rainforest


(without a winter season, more and abundant rainfall)


the weather station data (temperatures are calculated for an altitude of 500 m / 1650 ft) :

    Macodes petola b gr uk
  photoperiod in Mt. Komi this orchid blooms with a photoperiod, which varies during the year, from 13 h 37 m' to 10 h 23 m'
  life form geophyte
  brightness low
inflorescence      length 20 - 24 cm (8" - 8.16") 
  nr flowers 20 - 24 
  size single flower 0,7 L 1,5 cm (0.28" L 0.6") - inflorescence 10 L 4 cm (4" L 0.16") 
  time to bloom from birth, ~ 60 days
CITES appendix II

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