Maxillaria rufescens

Maxillaria rufescens 

Maxillaria rufescens                                                                                                                                                       photo C. Solimbergo
taxonomy described by (Lindley)  Christenson, Eric Alston
  published in        Proc. 16 th World Orchid Conference, Vancouver, Canada   285 - 286    april  1999
  family Orchidaceae
  subfamily Epidendroideae
  tribe Cymbidieae
  subtribe Maxillariinae
  genus Maxillaria  Ruiz & Pavon 1794
  metabolism  CAM pathway, stomata of the leaves are open at night. 
    (K.Silvera, L.S. Santiago, J.C. Cushman, K. Winter - International Symposium on Plant Biology, August 2013)
    it is useful give the soluble mineal nutriens, on the roots.
native of origins humid tropical forests, of Carabbean (Leewards, Trinidad & Tobago), Belize (Toledo), Guatemala,  
    Suriname, Guyana (Kararang River), Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Biolivia, Brazil
  altitude 170 - 1900 m  (560 - 6270 ft)

climate informations from Tuluà (Valle del Cauca, Colombia)


Köppen climate classification : Af, humid tropical climate of the rainforest


(without a winter season, more and abundant rainfall)


the weather station data (temperatures are calculated for an altitude of 1000 m / 3300 ft) :

    Maxillaria rufescens b gr uk
  photoperiod in Tuluà this orchid blooms with a photoperiod, which varies during the year, from 12 h 24 m' to 11 h 36 m'
  life form epiphyte 
  brightness    partial shade to low
inflorescence     length 1 cm ( 0.4"), basal  
  nr flowers 1, fragrant
  size single flower  0.6 L 1 cm  (0.24" L 0.4")
  duration single flower, ≈ days      
  time to bloom from birth, ≈ 15 days
CITES appendix II


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